About Vegan Food Guides

This website aims to make it easier than ever to find vegan food in cities. No matter if you are a vegan or not, it is always helpful to feel healthy and energised when you travel, so that you can enjoy the experience more. Most vegan food tends to be whole plant-based and full of nutrients and healthy carbohydrates, all of which gives you the best fuel for making the best out of your visit. So, the guides are not only for vegans, but also for people who simply want to feel great.

This website is NOT review-oriented. I am simply providing you a helpful map of all your dining options. It is up to you to make the choise. If you want to know my personal opinion about some particular places, you can check out my Instagram or my blog here on this website. The aim of the guides is to include as many places as possible, so that you can find vegan food quickly and without time-consuming research.

The published guides are by no means definitive. I will keep updating them and checking if the provided information is correct, such as opening hours. Everyone's opinion, ideas and suggestions are absolutely welcome. If you feel like something is missing or incorrect, do not hesitate and contact me by email veganfoodguides@gmail.com

I hope you will find this resource usefull and that you have a lot of delicious and cruelty-free food!


About the Author

My name is Nikol and I am the creator of Vegan Food Guides. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, but I am currently residing in Manchester, United Kingdom. I moved to the UK five years ago to study and I am currently in the middle of my postgraduate degree in Tourism and Heritage. Despite my dislike of the word, I would describe myself as a 'foodie'. Not only that I simply love to eat, but food would always be an essential part of my experience of travelling.

How does veganism fit into all of this? I just realised that I spend too much time looking for food options when I travel and that there is no online resource I would personally find helpful. Thus, I decided to create this website to share my effort with you and to support fellow vegans and vegan businesses!